Why you should have an online side hustle

The prospect of creating passive income online while working a full-time job would be the dream scenario for many people. The thought of not having to rely solely on income received from a corporate job would have most people searching the internet for hours on end to find a way to gain the skills they need to pivot into the digital economy.

In many instances, people don’t appreciate the benefits of having a side venture, and most wouldn’t know where or how to start, so they end up stuck in the perpetual 9 to 5 cycle. The reality is that nowadays there are so many ways to create a successful online business, even for people who have limited spare time and resources. The benefits outweigh the effort required to get started, and there is no shortage of online strategies to explore, but as with any business, growing it from scratch will require hard work and dedication.

Starting is always the difficult part, but once you get into the mindset and are prepared to put in the time and effort, even if it’s just that extra hour a day you’d normally spend watching your favourite tv show, then you’re already on the path to success. After all, the key is consistency.

Here are some ideas of online side ventures that could potentially generate an income:

Affiliate marketing

The affiliate business model is one of the most popular and can be very lucrative. You essentially promote and sell products and services of other businesses to consumers and earn a commission for every item purchased.  You do not need to handle any goods as you simply serve as the bridge between the business you partner with and the consumer.

Start a blog

If you like to write, this could be the option for you. Again, blogging is quite popular and favoured by a wide demographic. Blog content can generally vary between thought-provoking, entertaining, educational, informative and so much more. Several tools are available that can assist you in finding keywords and topics that are targeted to your desired user group such as Answer the Public and Google.


This is the process of selling physical products online. You’d typically identify a product that’s in demand, which you would buy and market. Companies such as Amazon can help with all the storage, packaging, and distribution, leaving you to concentrate on marketing the product.

Print on demand is another alternative to selling products online. This involves printing customised designs on clothing, which you can then promote. You wouldn’t need to worry about holding inventory and only focus on marketing.

Create an online course

Knowledge can be a powerful tool and sharing knowledge is a great way of attracting people. If you’re experienced in a topic, you can find ways to generate an income by creating a course that provides value in your area of expertise. The aim is to provide content that offers a solution to a problem that people may have.

These are just the basics but the bottom line is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a lifestyle and business when looking into the digital economy. If this is something that interests you click the link here for a free on-demand workshop that covers the strategies above and much more. It’s time to break the cycle and build a more fulfilling life.

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